Why The Theory Of Evolution Attacks Adam And Eve

BEFORE ADAM AND EVE WERE PUT ON THIS PLANET you attended a gigantic meeting with everyone else who ever has been born or ever will be born on this planet, plus billions of others. In fact, if you had not voted the way you did at that meeting, you would not have a physical body and would never have a physical body.

So before you read this article, you should read the article about the Grand Council because this article assumes you are familiar with that event:
Article: The Grand Council

In the Grand Council (you and I were there but we don't remember it), the two great options we had were to "vote" for Jehovah (i.e. Jesus Christ) or for Lucifer (i.e. now called satan or the devil). Two-thirds of the hosts of heaven chose Jehovah (you and I both chose Jehovah/Jesus Christ in the Grand Council or we would not have physical bodies) and one-third of the hosts of heaven chose Lucifer.

Heavenly Father chose Jehovah and the third part of the hosts of heaven who "voted" for Lucifer/satan were cast out of heaven never to receive a physical body!!!

At that time, and even today, Michael (now called Adam) was Jehovah's top general and it is almost certain that it was Michael, and his forces, who physically cast Lucifer/satan and his forces out of heaven!! Adam (i.e. Michael) is next to Christ in priesthood authority. Noah (sometimes called the angel Gabriel) is just below Adam.

Adam (i.e. Michael) and Eve were the first parents of the human race and were the first two children of God to live on this earth. Obviously, all humans are descended from Adam and Eve.

While Christ/Jehovah is satan's arch enemy (well, next to Heavenly Father), Michael or Adam is second on satan's hate list!!! This is because it is almost certain that it was Adam and his forces that cast Lucifer and his followers out of heaven (i.e. the Grand Council) as Adam was and still is Jehovah's top general.

Lucifer has never forgotten that it was Adam who cast him out of heaven!! Lucifer hates Adam and there is hardly anything that satan would like more than to have people believe that Adam and Eve never existed!!!

This is precisely why the atheists/evolutionists who push the theory of evolution, who by definition do not believe in God or that Christ was divine, are so fixated on claiming that the story of Adam and Eve is not true!! It is revenge time for satan!!!

How do the atheists and evolutionists claim that Adam and Eve never existed? By claiming the theory of evolution is true and that we are descended from bonobos or some other primate instead of descending from Adam an Eve!!


This doctrine is not an accident, it is part of satan's plan!!! In fact, this very claim is at the core of the theory of evolution today!!!

The Book Of Mormon - Alma 30

As is noted in other articles, there are three places in the Book of Mormon (which was published in 1830) which predicted the coming forth of the theory of evolution (Darwin's first book was published in 1959).

I am now going to quote some versus from the Book of Mormon, Alma chapter 30. If you want to follow along here is a link to this chapter:
Book of Mormon - Alma 30:42-44

This chapter is about the great prophet Alma the Younger (and others) versus a man named Korihor who was also called the "anti-Christ" (meaning someone who preached against the life of Christ). This exchange actually took place about 74 B.C. so in context it is talking about the future birth and life of Christ.

Eventually (in this chapter), in verse 53, Korihor admits that the devil (i.e. satan) had appeared to him and deceived him.

In Alma 30:25, satan personally taught Korihor that the "fall" of Adam and Eve was not a true story: "Ye say that this people is a guilty and a fallen people, because of the transgression of a parent. Behold, I say that a child is not guilty because of its parents."

The "transgression of a parent" directly refers to the "fall" of Adam and Eve!!! But the "fall" of Adam and Eve was a key part of God's plan all along. The fact that satan himself taught Korihor that Adam and Eve never existed should give you an idea of how much satan hates Adam and Eve. This is no doubt why the atheists and evolutionists today deny that Adam and Eve ever existed.

In addition, in three verses Korihor describes "natural selection" in 4 different ways (color coded)!! The versus are Alma 30:25-27: "... every man fared in this life according to the management of the creature; therefore every man prospered according to his genius, and that every man conquered according to his strength; and whatsoever a man did was no crime."

Natural selection is purely an elimination process where the strong kill the weak. Natural selection has absolutely nothing to do with creating a new species (i.e. evolution). However, because natural selection is a true principle, the atheists and evolutionists pretend it is part of evolution. It is not!!

But here is the key point. A key purpose of the theory of evolution (as satan taught Korihor and as is taught today) is to eliminate a belief in a literal Adam and Eve!! Adam and Eve are eliminated by the doctrine that we humans "evolved" from apes or some other primate. Such a claim eliminates a belief in God, a belief in Christ and a belief in Adam and Eve!!

When the atheists and evolutionists today claim that God does not exist and that Adam and Eve were not real people because humans "evolved" from primates, the atheists and evolutionists today are falling right in line with satan's teachings which were described in 1830 in the Book of Mormon!!!

Let me say this another way: the atheists and evolutionists want to convince people that there is no God and that Adam and Eve never existed. So they have to explain where we came from without mentioning Adam and Eve (remember: Adam was an arch-enemy of satan in the Grand Council)!!!

The answer, of course, is evolution. Evolution bypasses God, it bypasses the divinity of Christ and it bypasses Adam and Eve, our first parents!!

So when the atheists and evolutionists try to convince people there is no God, at the same time THEY MUST also convince people that Adam and Eve did not exist. So they have to explain "where we came from" without mentioning God or Adam and Eve.

The theory of evolution is the alternative to God. It is also the alternative to everything that happened in the Grand Council and in the Garden of Eden!!

For example, the atheists and evolutionists talk about a "first living cell" forming by accident in a "warm pond." Instead of God, they claim we were created by a series of accidents starting with the "first living cell."

In addition to the Bible: the Book of Mormon (e.g. 1 Nephi 5:11, 2 Nephi 2: 19-25, Alma 30 just mentioned, etc.), the Doctrine and Covenants (e.g. Section 27:5-14, etc.), and the Pearl of Great Price (e.g. Moses 1:32-35, Moses 3:7-25, etc.) all testify that Adam was the first man and was created by God. He was also a great prophet, second only to Christ in Priesthood authority.

While Michael is still the General of Christ's forces, Lucifer is still the father of all lies.

Michael (Adam) was almost certainly the very person who cast Lucifer out of heaven, so you can rest assured that Lucifer and his followers want people to believe that Adam never existed.

I should mention that the followers of the theory of evolution cannot claim that Christ never existed because He is a well-known historical figure and was mentioned in very old documents printed shortly after the time of Christ (in addition to the Bible), so evolutionists cannot claim that Christ was not a real person, they can only claim that Christ was not the Son of God because they claim there is no God.

In summary, the Bible and LDS scriptures make it very clear that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, Adam and Eve, and Noah (also called Gabriel - next in line to Adam in priesthood authority per Teachings of Joseph Smith) and Noah's wife were and still are real beings!!

They are literally the seven most important people to us as Noah is next to Adam in priesthood authority according to Joseph Smith.

So the atheists and evolutionists deny that six of the seven most important people to us ever existed!! Plus they deny that Christ was the Son of God.

The prophets in the last days unanimously claim that all seven of these people are exactly who the scriptures claim they are!!!

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