This Website Has Been Moved

This is an old website which has been superceded by a much, much better website on the same subject of why the theory of evolution cannot be true!!!

As an added bonus, the other website will teach you how to cure cancer!!! Herbalists and homeopaths and natural medicine cancer researchers have been curing cancer for more than 100 years because cancer is NOT caused by DNA damage, it is caused by a bacteria!!!

If you kill the bacteria inside of cancer cells, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells!!!

Everything you know about cancer is a lie from Big Pharma and Big Media!!!

I am a world-famous, retired cancer researcher who worked with more than 10,000 cancer patients. There are seven articles on natural cancer treatments on the newer site and I tell you how to find the people who work with cancer patients one-on-one!!!

Please, please, please click this link and you be taken to a website with far more articles, four free eBooks and much more information about the theory of evolution and natural cancer treatments!!!
Click This Blue Link: Go To The "Prophets Or Evolution" Website


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