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Prior to the discovery of DNA, the evidence against the theory of evolution was significant. Since the discovery of DNA the evidence against the theory of evolution has become overwhelming!!

Literally, because of the discovery of DNA, the theory of evolution has become the most absurd scientific theory in the history of science!! For example, could a DVD of country music (which represents DNA) be randomly mutated into a new Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto or anything else that is useful (meaning the DNA of a new species)? Obviously not.

Yet, the theory of evolution claims that human DNA, which is 3.2 billion pairs of nucleotides long, came to exist by a long series of accidental "mutations" to DNA. What nonsense.

I have written four books on the theory of evolution. All of them are free and two of them are on this website. These two books are for the general public and are linked to below.

The other two books were written specifically for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the LDS church or Mormon church). The LDS-oriented books are at:
The Website With Two Anti-Evolution Books for Latter-Day Saints (LDS)

The Two Books On This Website

The first eBook on this website is 193 pages and is called: The Evolution of Evolution.

It is by far the best book in existence to explain the massive deceptions which are being used to cover-up the nonsense of the theory of evolution. It takes SEVEN CHAPTERS to unravel the deceptive tactics of the evolution establishment. No other book on earth is so refined in exposing the fraud of the theory of evolution.

The book also explains why human DNA cannot contain enough information to "morph" a fertilized egg (e.g. of a human) into a newborn baby.

Here is a link to this eBook in pdf format:
The Evolution of Evolution

The second book on this website has a different focus. While the above book is a razor blade which slices the theory of evolution to shreds, this second book is a sledge hammer to crush the theory of evolution. It shows no mercy for the mathematical absurdity of the theory of evolution. This book is 271 pages and is called: Introduction To The Mathematics of Evolution.

This book is in several parts:
1) Chapters on the tactics of the evolution establishment
2) Chapters on non-mathematical issues in the debate
3) Chapters on basic mathematical principles
4) Chapters on the mathematics and computer simulations of evolution

There is both a pdf version of this book and an HTML version of this book on this website.

Here is a link to this eBook in pdf format:
Introduction To The Mathematics of Evolution

At the bottom of this page is an HTML version of the second book.

R. Webster Kehr
B.S. Mathematics, BYU, 1972


The Mathematics of Evolution

Chapter # Chapter Name
Title Title Page and Copyright
Chapter 1 Why the Theory of Evolution Exists
Chapter 2 The Empty Box of Evolution
Chapter 3 The Five Pillars of Evolution
Chapter 4 The Debate - Part 1
Chapter 5 The Debate - Part 2
Chapter 6 Non-Mathematical Concepts
Chapter 7 Natural Selection and Common Descent
Chapter 8 Radiometric Dating
Chapter 9 DNA and RNA
Chapter 10 Protein Synthesis
Chapter 11 The Pre-Liver
Chapter 12 The Pre-Liver Created By Evolution
Chapter 13 Basic Mathematics
Chapter 14 Understanding Big and Little Numbers
Chapter 15 The Probability of Evolution
Chapter 16 Copy Genes and Evolution Genes
Chapter 17 Ramifications of the Computer Simulations
Chapter 18 Patterns of Intelligence
Chapter 19 Genetic Entropy and Genetic Debris
Chapter 20 Genetic Chaos
Chapter 21 The Claims of Evolution
Chapter 22 Debate Tactics
Chapter 23 Seven Scientific Reasons Evolution Cannot Be True
Chapter 24 Final Comments
Appendix Appendix - Recommended Books and Videos